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art from booksEvery once in a while a book speaks to you and you have to have it. Art Made From Books: Altered, Sculpted, Caved, Transformed, compiled by Laura Heyenga (ISBN 9781452117102) was such a book for me. I have drooled over the pictures since last spring when I saw it while book shopping. Since then, I have done some weeding in the library and started to learn how to make book art. There are some fantastic videos on YouTube which will walk even a craft-impaired person like myself through the process! So finally I have my Christmas display, (I know, it’s still November). Low budget, celebrating old books with new life and simple.

Submitted by Andrea Hyde from BHS


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Hunger Games Mania

hunger games bulletin board

mockingjayIn a couple of days the latest movie installment of the Hunger Games will be released – Mockingjay Part 1.  The popularity of the book as well as the movies has created lots of great opportunities for libraries.  Our libraries can be filled to capacity with lots of great programs.  Our circulation numbers can increase by offering read-a-likes to our students.  What are you doing to jump on the bandwagon?

At WWJR, the students are gearing up for the trivia challenge.  The students are tributes who volunteer for a district.  There are two students per district with the Capitol being represented as well.  The district with the most points will win 2 passes to Mockingjay!  Here is the poster that I created for the program: HUNGER GAMES trivia poster

I love Pinterest and they certainly do not disappoint with different display and bulletin board ideas.  Check out our Hunger Games Board!

Finally, I created a small read-a-likes poster for the students (inspired by Pinterest).  There are lots of websites that offer book suggestions to read after The Hunger Games.  Feel free to use this poster:  MAY THE ODDS OF FINDING A NEW SERIES BE EVER IN YOUR FAVOR

Happy Hunger Games!

Submitted by: Kathy Conroy from WWJR


Jeopardy Labs

jeopardy labs

Whether you are looking for an interactive tool to engage your students in the library, or a fun way to practice concepts with them, you may want to consider JeopardyLabs.

This searchable site created by Matt Johnson allows you to create your own Jeopardy-style game using a free template. Just create and save a password to get you started. You may also choose to browse the list of templates created and shared by others. You may find that a useful JeopardyLab already exists for you to try out. Instructions are provided and easy to follow. Like so many techy tools today, several JeopardyLabs videos appear on YouTube like this one!

A recent competition within our Comic Book Club using Superhero Jeopardy proved just how much the students enjoyed themselves using this approach. Once our game was set up on the SmartBoard, the gang was divided up into four teams and a moderator was chosen to read and generate the score – a simple thing to do since the scores are tabulated by the game! Once the winning team was announced, it was unanimously decided to repeat the activity. Teams are now composing their own versions to stump each other: something that will keep the club busy for meetings to come.

That got me thinking about some other options. Orientation Jeopardy? Battle of the Books Jeopardy? Research Jeopardy? Book Club Jeopardy? It might work for your library. Try it. Remember to let us know how it worked out.

Submitted by C.A. Case from PCHS

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Bilingual Story time at Riverview, St Lawrence Academy Jr. and Sunshine Academy Elementary School

sunshine academy

Last year, I started a bilingual story time. Teachers and students welcomed the stories and enjoyed listening to books being read in English and French, especially for the French immersion program. This week Laura and I read the following books, “Une histoire sombre, très sombre” and “A dark, dark tale” by Ruth Brown. We dressed up, dimmed the lights and had spooky scary instrumental music in the background. With volunteers, I did the same activity at Sunshine Academy and St. Lawrence Academy Jr.

Bilingual picture books for storytelling

English title French Title Author Spine label
Without you Sans toi! Genevieve Coté E COT / FR E COT
Me and you Comme toi! Genevieve Coté E COT / FR E COT
Little blue and little yellow Petit blue et petit jaune Leo Lionni E LIO / FR E LIO
Pete the cat: I live my white shoes J’aime mes souliers blanc Eric Litwin E LIT / FR E LIT
Pete the cat and his four groovy buttons j’aime mes boutons rond Eric Litwin E LIT / FR E LIT
Pete the cat: Pete’s big lunch L’enorme sandwich James Dean E DEA / FR E DEA
The very hungry caterpiller La chenille qui fait des trous Eric Carle E CAR / FR E CAR
Rooster’s off to see the world Le coq qui voulait voyager Eric Carle E CAR / FR E CAR
The little red hen La petite poule rousse
The cats pyjama Les 7 pyjamas du chat Catherine Foreman E FOR/ FR E FOR
It’s OK to be different Tous différents Todd Parr E PAR/ FR E PAR
The peace book C’est quoi la paix? Todd Parr E PAR/ FR E PAR
The earth book J’aime la terre Todd Parr E PAR/ FR E PAR

Submitted by Ida Di Maulo of Riverview Elementary (Library Technician)

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Pumpkin Decorating Contest

In celebration of Halloween….

Westwood Junior Library

2014-10-30 09.20.28     2014-10-30 09.20.39

Over the past couple of weeks, students were encouraged to decorated a mini pumpkin and submit it to the Library.  The only rule was that they could not carve it.  Check out the fantastic pumpkins participating in the challenge.  Teachers will be voting for their top 3  pumpkins today at recess and third period.  It is going to be a hard decision!

2014-10-29 12.53.172014-10-28 09.41.412014-10-28 09.41.362014-10-28 09.41.302014-10-28 09.41.252014-10-28 09.41.212014-10-28 09.41.132014-10-28 09.41.082014-10-28 09.41.00  2014-10-31 11.58.052014-10-31 11.58.12

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Halloween Displays

2014-10-23 08.59.38

Looking for some great ideas to horror up your library?  Pinterest certainly has quite a few ideas.  The bulletin board ideas are very creative and inspiring.  A recent discussion that I had with a colleague turned to Halloween displays. I found out about electrical tape spider webs.  These are really cool and easy to do.  I went to the local Dollar store and purchased two rolls of electrical tape and some shadow spiders for the bargain price of $3.00.

I have posted pictures of my library but would love to see what everyone else is doing.  Send your pictures to us at and we will share them on the blog.

2014-10-23 08.59.05    2014-10-23 10.52.05 2014-10-23 10.50.04

Submitted by Kathy Conroy from WWJR

Here are Halloween display pictures sent from PCHS.

halloween October 2012 003 October 2012 014 viruses


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Finding Inspiration

In an effort to keep current, many of us need a reminder about bits published a couple of years ago. That sense of discovery, of finding something useful, that “aha!” moment, never gets old. Let’s face it. Librarians and libraries share. It’s what we do best.

Need an idea for your next display? There’s a book, webpage, blog, pin, tweet etc. for that! Can’t find what you need? Ask! Yes, Librarians ask other librarians. Then watch as the answers pour in. Keep an open mind and remember items saved “for a rainy day.” They could come in handy.

Do you remember this one from Jeff Dunn and Edudemic: 100 Helpful Blogs For School Librarians (And Teachers)?

The article may not be brand new, but it certainly is packed with great suggestions worth sharing.

Share an idea today. A librarian somewhere will be grateful!

Submitted by Caroll-Ann Case from PCHS