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High School Program Ideas

Post-It Wars

Looking for passive programming during the ECA (extra-curricular activities) ban?  I’ve done this at PCHS with much success.  Minecraft images work, too!

Submitted by: C.-A. Case – Pierrefonds Comprehensive High School

1000 Book Crane Challenge

This reading challenge was initiated by a student.  Students form teams and try to read as many books as possible between November and June.  The students make their cranes adding the title to it.  They hang the origami cranes in their section of the  library for each book read.  How neat is that!

How to make a paper crane:
More photos:
Submitted by: Andrea Hyde – Beaconsfield High School


Battle of the Books:  Students vs the Teachers

riverdale 1 riverdale 2 riverdale 3

Connect staff and students through this book challenge.   Battle of the Books can move past Grade 9 when you hold an in-house battle with your staff and grade 10 and 11 students.  Lots of fun competition!
Submitted by:  Susan Strano from Riverdale High School


Blind Date with a Book

print 8    print 11  print 6

Students were challenged to go on a blind date with a book.  Students randomly chose a book and evaluated it after they finished.  Students were eligible to win a $10 iTunes card for every evaluation that they handed in.  To see if they were really reading the books, a small slip of paper was placed near the end of the story which they could turn in for a lollipop.  This can also be done during the Christmas holidays – unwrap a book.

Blind date with a book poster

Submitted by:  Kathy Conroy at Westwood Junior High School


Book Café


Entice students to your book clubs with food.  At the book café, students are invited to bring their lunches to the library and discuss their favourite books.  The hook is having finger desserts and candy for them to eat.

Other ideas for book clubs – having them play games like Library Scatagories; dress up as your favourite book character

Ice breaker games to get everyone comfortable can be found at

Submitted by:  Kathy Conroy at Westwood Junior High School and Andrea Hyde at Beaconsfield High School


Book Domino Event

Submitted by: Caroll-Ann Steele at PCHS

Comic Book Club

comic book club

Graphic novels, manga or supreheroes, whether you love to read, discuss, draw or create – there’s something for everyone. Weekly meetings are always well attended.
Submitted by Caroll-Ann Steele at Pierrefonds Comprehensive High School

Comic Con Party


How to throw a Comic Con at your Library: An interesting article from Publishers Weekly that looks at different ways libraries are holding their own Comic Con.

Face book Challenge

Challenge your students to find book covers with faces on them.  Once they find one they like, snap their photo.  You can then do a display of their images on your bulletin board.  Click here for the  FACE BOOK CHALLENGE  promotional flyer.

2014-10-10 12.42.47 2014-10-10 12.32.19 2014-10-10 12.24.39 2014-10-10 12.31.32

Submitted by Kathy Conroy from WWJR and Mount Pleasant Elementary

Freedom to Read Week

IMG_1158_2  Laura Sanders has a great way to celebrate this week – read her blog post here.

Freedom to Read website

Banned Books Week

Submitted by Laura Sanders from Selwyn House School

Get Caught Reading

Get Caught Reading photo

Staff, students & celebrities are asked to choose a favorite book and pose with it.   All photographs are displayed  in a large glass case in the lobby of the school.  Astronaut Chris Hadfield (who kindly took part) sums it up best when he told the librarian..”there is nothing more important than literacy”.

Submitted by Jennifer Wooley at Lakeside Academy

Grad Book Campaign

A great way for the graduating class to honour the Library.

Grad Book Campaign

Submitted by Jennifer Wooley at Lakeside Academy

Interactive windows in your Library

Submitted by Caroll-Ann Steele at Pierrefonds Comprehensive High School

Reading BINGO Challenge


Students are given 60 days to complete this reading challenge.  The bingo card has 24 reading challenges. Challenges include: reading a book with a red cover, attending a book club meeting (students discuss their favourite books or what they are currently reading), and reading a digital book.

Students can approach the BINGO card however they like: they can challenge themselves to complete one line, a square, a double crosser or a full card. The incentive for students is the weekly random prize for those who complete squares on a weekly basis and then bigger prizes at the end of the challenge for those who complete their cards.

READING CHALLENGE – BINGO – information sheet

4 BINGO Challenges


Submitted by:  Kathy Conroy at Westwood Junior High School

Reading Fortunes


Looking for something fun to do with your students?  Why not do their reading fortunes?  This can work easily at the elementary and high school levels. It is really simple to set up.

All you need is:

  • A couple of fortune tellers (click on the link for a template)
  • A pile of books to match the fortunes
  • A prize (this is the incentive to get them going)

What to do:

  • Announce the event (mine is running for 2 weeks)
  • Have some volunteers to help run the fortunes smoothly
  • Put evaluations in the books so that students can submit their names when they return the books (this also gives you an idea of what they thought of the book)

IMG_20150313_135507553 IMG_20150313_135603348 IMG_20150313_135618275





Submitted by Kathy Conroy from Westwood High School – Junior Campus and Mount Pleasant Elementary


Research Wars

If you are looking for ideas, I do Research Wars with the grade 10 enriched English class : Books vs open Internet vs Online Databases. Takes 1 period, a lot of preparation, and big payoff! One useful resource: a collection of websites which are hoaxes:

Submitted by:  Andrea Hyde at Beaconsfield High School


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