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Check out Book Art created at Riverdale High School

Photo 2 Photo 3Recently, Riverdale students personalized the lounge corner of the library with book art on the walls and on the table.  All you need to dress up the table like this is an old book of quotes and Modge Podge.  Students end up “reading the table”!

Submitted by S. Strano



Operating on the K.I.S.S. principle


art from booksEvery once in a while a book speaks to you and you have to have it. Art Made From Books: Altered, Sculpted, Caved, Transformed, compiled by Laura Heyenga (ISBN 9781452117102) was such a book for me. I have drooled over the pictures since last spring when I saw it while book shopping. Since then, I have done some weeding in the library and started to learn how to make book art. There are some fantastic videos on YouTube which will walk even a craft-impaired person like myself through the process! So finally I have my Christmas display, (I know, it’s still November). Low budget, celebrating old books with new life and simple.

Submitted by Andrea Hyde from BHS

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Don’t discard those old books


I can’t believe I just said that. Many of us are voracious weeders. That included this librarian, until recently. Consider giving new, or at least temporary life to outdated and yellowed books before discarding them!

The teens at this school are required to clock-in community service time and are always seeking ways to do so at the library. I am always looking for after-school “maker” activities that keep them coming back. Let’s not forget display and decorating potential! From folding to braiding to painting images on old book paper, re-purposing library discards meets our needs perfectly.

There is a wealth of ideas and how-to’s available online including:

Not surprisingly, avant-garde shops are turning to this style of décor for their window displays. Why not jump on the bandwagon?

Submitted by Caroll-Ann Steele from PCHS