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What have you been Reading?

 Just curious about what people are reading out there in the world.  Have you read anything exciting that you would like to suggest to our fellow librarians?

I have 3 suggestions: YA, Tween and Picture book.

vanishing girlsI finished reading  Vanishing Girls by Lauren Oliver the other day.  I really like this author and have never been disappointed by her work.

It is about two sisters who become very distant after a car accident.  The animosity between the two sisters and trying to find a bridge to heal their broken relationship is well written and emotional.  It is a page turner and has a fantastic twist.

For anyone who liked We Were Liars by E. Lockhart ,  I’ll Give you the Sun by Jandy Nelson,  Hate List by Jennifer Brown or Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell.

rain reignThe book that has caught my attention and I highly recommend is Rain Reign by Ann Martin.  This book is perfect for students who like to read reality fiction, who like stories about dogs or just those who like having their heart strings tugged.

This is a story about a girl who loves homonyms and her dog.  Rose is a high-functioning autistic girl who has some trouble at school and at home.  On top of everything, her dog that means everything to her, disappears during a rain storm.   How Rose deals with searching for her dog and her relationships at school makes this a fantastic read about human compassion.

book with no picturesThe Book with No Pictures by B.J. Novak is hilarious.  Who would think that this book would be anything since it literally has no pictures.  This is a must for storytime – just be ready to leave your inhibitions behind!






Submitted by Kathy Conroy from Westwood Jr and Mount Pleasant Elementary



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We are all pressed for time and may even have varying degrees of stage fright when it comes to book talking. What if you could share the work and encourage collaboration with other staff members in the process? Nicholas Warren, a school librarian at EMSB, shared this great idea devised by Alexander Kulczyk and The Team at Focus High School; teacher Tya Collins was also on board.

Staff members come together at the library or in class to present 1 to 3 of their favourite books to students (could be 1 Fiction, 1 Non-Fiction, 1 Book of Poetry etc.). Ideally, the books are ones which really made an impact on the staff member’s life. For example, Nicholas did a presentation at Focus and chose “The Fellowship of the Ring” – by J.R.R. Tolkien (which deeply affected him as a child and affects him still to this day), “Fast Food Nation” – by Eric Schlosser (which opened his mind to healthy eating and the evils of fast food during college), and “A Monster Calls” – by Patrick Ness (a recent YA novel which touched him to the core).

Students are or can be encouraged to do their own presentations based on the staff members’ shining examples. Teachers and/or staff coming together (including library techs, childcare workers, secretaries, caretakers, specialists, etc.) to share their favourite reads is a bonding experience and shows students that the staff values reading – not just the English teacher (or Librarian).

You can start small and make this a regular event. Why not have school administration, your local commissioner, a classroom teacher (on a library visit) or a library volunteer share their must-reads with your students?

 Nicholas strongly encourages you to try this — it’s much more fun than it is work after all!

 A Suggested Format for the Book Talk

  • What is the title? Who is the author? Is it a series of books?

  • Give a BRIEF outline of the plot (NO SPOILERS!)   J

  • Why is this book important to you?

  • When did you realize you liked this book?

  • Who should read this book?

  • Talk about your favourite part!

Submitted by Suzanne Nesbitt from ESD. Thanks to our colleagues at EMSB for sharing , Annette MacIntyre and Nicholas Warren  in particular!