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This video was posted on the PCHS website this morning.  Our school libraries are amazing!” target=”_blank”>PCHS


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Hackerboy Fans Get Surprise Visit from Author Julie Champagne!

IMG_1470This past winter, the Grade 6 students at Dorval Elementary read the French novel, Hackerboy by Julie Champagne. The storyline had even the most reluctant readers hooked. They were so inspired that they decorated their classroom using the theme of the book.

IMG_1455Their enthusiasm spilled over to their weekly library visits. After seeing them talk about the book, it got me thinking that it would be nice to invite the author to the school next year. In reality, it would be even better if she could visit this year and capitalize on the excitement. Unfortunately, time was running out since the year was almost finished, plus I had no idea if she would even be available but I decided to give it a try anyway. After a few emails, the visit was booked for May 1.

 The Grade 6 teacher and I decided to keep the visit a secret from the kids. What better way to really surprise them!


It is not an easy task to keep the attention of Grade 6 students on a warm, sunny day in May, but the visit was a huge success! The kids were extremely enthusiastic, and Julie is an amazing presenter. She started off by asking them about their favourite comedians and interests. As she put it, they knew lots about her, but she wanted to get to know them. Instead of simply talking to them for an hour straight, she then played a true or false game, where the kids held up cards based on different statements that she read out. She also got the students to create aliases based on their personal names. These names were put in a draw for the winners to win prizes. The kids were able to share their projects with her as well.


This was one of the best author visits I have been to in a long time. Julie Champagne will be returning to Dorval next year for sure.

Submitted by Tiffany Clarke from Dorval Elementary and Quebec Reading Connection

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School Library Renovations and Innovations: St. Anthony School

photo 4

photo 3Our librarian (library technician) at St. Anthony School, Suzanne Halton-Thom, has been very busy reorganizing and upgrading the collection of books in the library while construction crews are coming and going.  A new library/computer centre is being created over the next few months.  Principal, Joanne Malowany, has been doing a lot of research and is spearheading this project.  The students at this school are fortunate to have such a supportive principal who wants to maximize the multitude of benefits that a great library carries in the school.

The new centre will be  connected to the computer lab to become a new and exciting space.  In addition to a collection of wonderful books it will feature upgraded computers, iPads, Chromebooks, creative games, comfy seating and Kobo Readers.

photo 2What will it be called?  That is the question.  It will be a learning centre, maker-space, research and information centre and reading nook all rolled in one!  Any suggestions?

A new Smartboard has been installed.  The wall between the two rooms was removed last week.  New flooring, new paint colours for the walls and some new furnishings are in the works.  Mrs. Thom is very excited about this project and is busy planning different activities for the students when they will have their weekly visits next fall.

photo 1In the meantime, the books and computers are being moved right to left and back again as the work crews come and go.   The current set up is temporary, but in the interim, the students have had very little time away from library.  Things are happening and changing every week.  Stay tuned!

Submitted by:  Suzanne H-T from St. Anthony School