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Two Ships Passing in the Night Is only Hot in Movies…

I thought this ALSC info-graphic tied in really well with our recent LBPSB brainstorming session about school libraries and library advocacy. We are word experts but sometimes we don’t use words in an effective manner and we tend to make our communications far too complicated. We often feel we simply don’t have the time or what it takes to do a proper selling job. I really appreciated the positive spin put on ways of making selling points while taking your audience into account. This is a super way to make the best of chance encounters and steer away from missed opportunities.

The great thing about elevator speeches is that they are an effective manner in which to pitch your services to individuals you encounter without putting them to sleep. This could be a principal, Home and School chair, teacher, parent volunteer, cultural resource: You get the picture! They are communications which are short, to the point, and quite similar to the hooks used in book and movie trailers, or the shelf-talking we do on a regular basis with students or staff in our libraries. Remember to tie this in to an “ask” such as support for a program, for purchases, or simply as an enticement to come and see what is happening in your library (what better way to garner supporters). They truly are advocacy on a dime.

Now all you have to do is select some selling points for you or your library services as well as a request or two which tie into them. As in sports or reading, practice makes perfect.

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Submitted by S. Nesbitt, LBPSB Ed. Consultant