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Website of the Week: QSLIN

QSLIN – Quebec School Librarians Network- is a fantastic resource with lots of information and ideas for your school library.  There are a range of topics that are covered: Information Literacy, Digital Citizenship, Technology and so much more.

There is also a blog that I highly recommend that you follow.  Recent blog entries include:
Promoting Canadian Identity and Diversity in Your Library
Using Flipboard as a Curation Tool
Brain-Based Teaching Practices in the School Library

Submitted by Kathy Conroy from Westwood Jr and Mount Pleasant Elementary


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Math Teacher + Librarian = Amazing Partnership

desmosI remember the words of a teacher of mine encouraging the class to “never under-estimate the power of networking.” It’s really just another way of communicating and sharing knowledge. The business world has its power lunches. Librarians have symposiums, conferences and webinars to name a few useful ways to network. I have been trying to combine the two with interesting results.

At a recent lunch with a math colleague, we got to talking about some of our favourite online tools and how we could help each other to spread the word. A great find should always be shared! I will now regularly ask the rest of our staff to make suggestions. The best ones will be added to the Library webpage as “useful links“ such as this one. I can think of so many students who will love to learn more about math at the library while exploring Desmos!

Desmos a free online tool that works as it was meant to and more. Basically, we are talking about a free, online graphing calculator. You can find the calculator here:

Desmos is so much more than just a calculator. It allows you to explore “beautiful, free math.“ Set up an account and get started! Many sites provide classroom activities.
There are:

pokemonIdeas for Creative Art (like this picture) by Sean Grecco

Daily Desmos

A .pdf User Guide

Many YouTube videos like this one which shows the Desmos iPad app.

Free ChromeBook App is available here

If your students are not sure where to start, why not let them try Des-Man – the new face of graphing?

Desmos is a great tool to help change the Library into a Learning Commons. Math teachers may lend a hand at lunchtime!

Submitted by C.A. Case from PCHS

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While recently browsing the Internet for a project on cultures and recipes, I came upon what appeared to be a completely unrelated set of hits. I was right. These hits had nothing to do with the research at hand yet the sheer serendipity of it all was useful. It’s not new but it is worth passing along.

According to the “about us” portion of Techsoup for libraries, it “is a project of TechSoup Global, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit devoted to making technology and technology education available and affordable to nonprofits and libraries all over the world.” Among other things, librarians will find spotlights on a variety of projects and ideas, free webinars, blog posts, and yes, “cookbooks.”

Not your ordinary cookbooks, these provide suggestions and practical ideas that support technology in the library – all shared by librarians! Here’s an example:

There are many TechSoup sites worth exploring such as TechSoup Canada.

Registering is required for those wishing to benefit from donations or to participate in the community. It is not required for browsing TechSoup resources.  Check it out.

Submitted by CA Case from PCHS

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Bookmark of the Week: Library Displays

I have many go-to sites for finding great library displays.  Usually I use Pinterest but there are other websites out there that should not be ignored.  I really enjoy the blog – Library Displays:  creative ideas to promote books from your library collection.  There are a lot of nice displays that are quite ingenious.  There is also some interesting points in her Some Thoughts on Displays page.  Check it out and let me know what you think.

Also, if you have a website or blog that you use regularly, submit it to us with a small blurb.  You can send it to:

Submitted by Kathy Conroy, Westwood Junior

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Favourite Bookmark site of the week:

Juvenile Series and Sequels

I have quite a few sites that I bookmark but the one that I use frequently is the Juvenile Series and Sequels from Mid-Continent Public Library.  This is a great resource for finding out quickly what series that authors have written and also the order of the series.  I refer to it at least three times a week helping students to find the next book in the series that they are reading.  Who can really keep track of which book is next in the Pretty Little Liars series anyway?  Hopefully this site will be useful to you too!

Submitted by Kathy Conroy from WWJR

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Do you Thinglink?

Imagine choosing an image or video. Then adding links to explain or define particular aspects of this image. And finally, sharing the interactive image with friends, classmates and colleagues! You can do all this with Thinglink As the creators of the platform say “Get creative. Tag your images with any web content.”

If every picture tells a story, then this tool could make the storytelling both fun and educational! Thinglink is a free online resource. There are options for businesses too. However, you must first create an account using your e-mail address, Facebook, Twitter or Google+

There are more & more applications that work in the educational world. Anyone looking for an alternative to the slideshow format of sharing information or to the cloud-based presentation software popular in many schools, might want to consider giving Thinglink a try.

Don’t forget to combine this resource with so many others available for free online. In addition to the ones mentioned above, check out Thinglink and Pinterest, Thinglink and Edmodo, Thinglink and Instagram. Thinglink and YouTube. You get the picture.

Now, will you Thinglink for your next presentation?

Submitted by CA Case from PCHS

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Make your life easier with Free Technology Ebooks


Need a quick primer on Netflix, Goodreads, Spotify Music Streaming, how to use Tumblr?  Check out a fantastic website called Makeuseof that will allow you to download a PDF or an ePub edition of technology guides.

This site is so much more than free Ebooks though.  I encourage you to take a look at the different articles that they offer on their Topics page.  Quick eye-catching articles include:

1.  Make These 4 Changes Before You Delete Any Online Account
2.  Protect Yourself With Facebook’s Privacy Check-up Tool

 Having difficulty with something on your computer, website, camera, phone?  Check out the Answers Page which provides a Q&A for tech related questions.

Finally, they have a Top List tab which will tell you, in their opinion, the best websites, best android apps, best ipad apps and so on.

This site has been around since 2006 and they describe themselves as “a leading destination for digital productivity tips and your guide to cool stuff on the Internet.”  I have to agree that the site does provide information on how to be more productive but also how to use the different types of technology that is out there.

**warning- you could spend a lot of time on this site!

Submitted by Kathy Conroy from Westwood High School Junior