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What we do in our school libraries

This video was posted on the PCHS website this morning.  Our school libraries are amazing!” target=”_blank”>PCHS



What I did in school today OR They don’t tell you about this in library school

Picture #2, Students in the library

               Students in the library

Last week I was asked the most difficult Reference question of all: ‘Miss, what do you really do all day?’ I wanted to snap back ‘I’m a high school librarian; what don’t I do? I DO collection development, processing, budgeting, cataloguing, indexing, reference, research instruction, circulation, public relations, you name it, I do it all!’

But I didn’t say any of that, because I knew this 17-year old student couldn’t care less. But it got me thinking. What do I really do?


Grade 11 student Shrek with library sloth Hagrid Robert Sloth, aka Cornelius, BoB

I hand out band-aids. I give kids high-fives and hugs. I have a never-ending parade of students coming for tea or coffee, and going back to class with a mug with a library message on it, including but not limited to: Read! Read Local! and Reading is Sexy! I have a library-sloth who comforts people. I insult and mock kids, challenging them to think about the words that come out of their mouths (pet peeve: ‘can I?’ instead of ‘may I?’). I also apologise when I am wrong or have offended someone. I say good morning to everyone, and wish them a good day (even when I don’t mean it). I demand that students use their brains even on their lunch break. I am offended when they call me a teacher, because I am not a teacher: I am a librarian!

And that’s what I do all day!

Submitted by Andrea Hyde from BHS


High School Program Ideas

Looking for some ideas to do in your high school library?   Here are a few for the upcoming months:

paper cranes decBook Crane Reading Challenge: 
Beaconsfield High School did this last year with amazing results.  I borrowed the idea this year for Westwood Jr.  This challenge does two things:  (1) Promotes reading and (2) spruces up your library ceiling.  At first the students were not motivated to read but once they saw the cranes going up, they jumped on board to help reach our goal of 1000 cranes (which means that they have collectively will have read 1000 books).  At Westwood Jr, we have 630 cranes up!


print 12Blind Date with a Book:

I use this activity in February.  I challenge the students to take out a book which has been wrapped up.   If they read the book and complete the small questionnaire that I put in the book, they have a chance to win a gift card to chapters or iTunes.  Since it is a Valentines Day activity, I also give each student who returns a book a chocolate.


fortune teller  Book Fortune Teller:

This is something that I will be trying in the month of March.  It is seems like a fun idea.  In this example they use large Popsicle sticks and write a call number on them.  On other examples I have seen specific titles put on paper that students then choose.  In another example, there was the old school fortune teller paper which has genres listed on the final opening.




In my google search, I also stumbled across this great link for passive library programs:

What ideas do you have to share?

Submitted by Kathy Conroy from Westwood Jr.

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Halloween Displays

2014-10-23 08.59.38

Looking for some great ideas to horror up your library?  Pinterest certainly has quite a few ideas.  The bulletin board ideas are very creative and inspiring.  A recent discussion that I had with a colleague turned to Halloween displays. I found out about electrical tape spider webs.  These are really cool and easy to do.  I went to the local Dollar store and purchased two rolls of electrical tape and some shadow spiders for the bargain price of $3.00.

I have posted pictures of my library but would love to see what everyone else is doing.  Send your pictures to us at and we will share them on the blog.

2014-10-23 08.59.05    2014-10-23 10.52.05 2014-10-23 10.50.04

Submitted by Kathy Conroy from WWJR

Here are Halloween display pictures sent from PCHS.

halloween October 2012 003 October 2012 014 viruses


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Trending in the Library

pchs 2

It really came as no surprise. The teens in our high school noticed the subtle changes. Down came the “NO” signs. In came the bright colours, the sofas and the techie tools. Gradually, as budgets allow, this library is fast becoming a popular place to be.

Students are encouraged to bring their own devices. Laptops, iPhones, even hand-held games mix in with the school-provided e-readers, computers and more. Let’s not forget the Wi-Fi access! They ask for assistance and collaborate in groups. They search out the “latest & greatest” via inter-active displays. It’s a crowded space at lunchtime and we like it that way. pchs

So, what are you doing to propel your high school library into the twenty-first century?

Submitted by Caroll -Ann from PCHS