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Our School Libraries in Action

Our school libraries are thriving destinations with so much going on.  When I started to receive all the pictures from the different schools to the powerpoint presentation, I was overwhelmed by the amount that is being done in our school libraries.  It is important to get the word out that we do make a difference and have a huge impact on student learning.  If we do not speak up for ourselves, who will?  So get out there and tell your school community what you are doing!!!

Here is what we are doing at LBPSB Libraries – SLIDESHOW FINAL:

school librariesSubmitted by Kathy Conroy from Westwood Jr and Mount Pleasant Elementary


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The Library as Refuge

A second guest blogger this week!  Trudie Mason is a library volunteer at PCHS.

libraryWhen I walked into the library at my son’s high school not long ago, I was very pleased that the first pieces of furniture I saw were not tables or desks or straight backed chairs. They were couches, arranged in a welcoming space in the middle of the room. Several students were quietly lounging, book in hand, enjoying a quiet break in the bustle of a typical school day. I found out later that my son could often be found sitting there with his friends at lunchtime, leafing through comic books and magazines.

When I went through high school in the 1970s, there were no couches in our library, just very ordinary and not very comfortable tables and chairs. But the welcome was just as palpable, in the form of a warm and wonderful librarian named Mrs. Cuevas. She had a knack for connecting with the teenagers who just didn’t fit into the rather unforgiving hierarchy of the typical high school: the shy and quiet readers, the awkward nerds, the bullied, the over-achievers.   Our school library became a refuge for us, a place we could go to get away from the cutting remarks, the sneering stares, the teasing and the torment.   More than a few tears were shed in her office, more than a few students comforted when the trials of adolescence just became too much to bear. Mrs. Cuevas encouraged us to be ourselves, to let our talents shine, to ignore the haters.   She also had a knack for connecting each of us with books she thought we would like or that we needed to read, for one reason or another.

The modern school library is expected to be a number of things these days in addition to its basic function as a repository of books and computers, a place to research, write and study.   But I am thrilled and relieved to see that, thanks to my son’s terrific librarian, it is also a refuge, just as mine was.

The teacher who oversees the comic book club at my son’s school once said in passing that every student deserves to find a home in the building. I hope that at a time when most school libraries are facing tough budget choices, when there never seems to be enough money for book and computer acquisition, that the softer side – the welcoming side – of the library is not neglected.

Submitted by:  Trudie Mason graduated from Lachine High School (now called Lakeside Academy) in 1979. Her son attends Pierrefonds Comprehensive High School.

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Importance of School Libraries

If you have some time, read these articles about the importance of school libraries:

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Submitted by Kathy Conroy at WWJR