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Don’t Let the Pigeon… Party

Elementary Librarians – check out this great idea for your storytimes!


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Bilingual Story time at Riverview, St Lawrence Academy Jr. and Sunshine Academy Elementary School

sunshine academy

Last year, I started a bilingual story time. Teachers and students welcomed the stories and enjoyed listening to books being read in English and French, especially for the French immersion program. This week Laura and I read the following books, “Une histoire sombre, très sombre” and “A dark, dark tale” by Ruth Brown. We dressed up, dimmed the lights and had spooky scary instrumental music in the background. With volunteers, I did the same activity at Sunshine Academy and St. Lawrence Academy Jr.

Bilingual picture books for storytelling

English title French Title Author Spine label
Without you Sans toi! Genevieve Coté E COT / FR E COT
Me and you Comme toi! Genevieve Coté E COT / FR E COT
Little blue and little yellow Petit blue et petit jaune Leo Lionni E LIO / FR E LIO
Pete the cat: I live my white shoes J’aime mes souliers blanc Eric Litwin E LIT / FR E LIT
Pete the cat and his four groovy buttons j’aime mes boutons rond Eric Litwin E LIT / FR E LIT
Pete the cat: Pete’s big lunch L’enorme sandwich James Dean E DEA / FR E DEA
The very hungry caterpiller La chenille qui fait des trous Eric Carle E CAR / FR E CAR
Rooster’s off to see the world Le coq qui voulait voyager Eric Carle E CAR / FR E CAR
The little red hen La petite poule rousse
The cats pyjama Les 7 pyjamas du chat Catherine Foreman E FOR/ FR E FOR
It’s OK to be different Tous différents Todd Parr E PAR/ FR E PAR
The peace book C’est quoi la paix? Todd Parr E PAR/ FR E PAR
The earth book J’aime la terre Todd Parr E PAR/ FR E PAR

Submitted by Ida Di Maulo of Riverview Elementary (Library Technician)

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Having the Storytime Blahs? Here are a few easy fixes!

storytime graphic

As the school year is fast approaching its end, you might be running out of ideas for your storytime sessions with your students.  Here are a few ideas that will spice up your storytime:

Draw and Tell Stories:

Draw and Tell Stories are a great way to change your storytime up.  The website, Notes from the Story Room, has a lot of great stories and detailed instructions to help you along.

Monkey Face:  This is a fun interactive draw and tell story that you can do with your students.   You can either draw it on a white board or you can create the pieces and have the students add the different animals parts.  I did the latter and it was a lot of fun for the students to be part of the story.

Cut and Tell Stories:

Another great idea for storytimes is to tell a story by cutting it out.  Throughout the story, the students try guessing what it will be at the end.  I would suggest that you practice this one a few times though to make sure that you cut it properly.   Check out Notes from the Story Room for some ideas.

Storytime Bags:

This is a lot of fun as everyone gets a chance to tell the story.  You can either use a paper bag or a cloth bag and fill it with different objects.  I usually start off with Once Upon a Time and pick out one object. I give a one or two sentence start and then have a student continue the story by picking another object.  I try to have enough objects for the entire class.   The students can use the bag after they have chosen their library books to tell stories with one another.

Flannel Board Stories:

The only suggestion I would offer is that you have a large enough board so that the students can see it clearly.   There are lots of great ideas at these sites:
Felt Board Ideas:  Pete the Cat
Felt Board Ideas:  Papa, Please Get the Moon For Me

What special things do you do for your storytimes?  Leave a comment or a link to your blog.

Have fun!

Posted by: K. Conroy : Westwood High School – Junior Campus; Mount Pleasant Elementary