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Jazzing up Library Orientation

Let’s face it – library orientation can be pretty uninteresting for the students.  Having to sit there and listen to all the rules and services can get a little boring.  I am always looking for ideas to make it more fun and interesting in order to keep the students engaged.  I stumbled across this YouTube library orientation video the other day and was completely inspired.  This is definitely something that is doable and can be kept on your library website even!

Submitted by Kathy Conroy from WWJR and Mount Pleasant Elementary



The Librarians

A television series about librarians?  I was sent this link by a friend on Facebook and at first thought that it was spoof.  Apparently, it is a real show that will be premiering on Sunday, December 7 at 8:00 p.m. on TNT .

The cast is quite spectacular too – John Larroquette(from Night Court), Rebecca Romijn (Mystique from X-Men), Noah Wyle (Dr. Carter from E.R.),Jane Curtin and Bob Newhart.  For more information, check out the IMDB site:

Submitted by Kathy Conroy from WWJR

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Clever Teen Publishing Tactics


Don’t you just love it when something new and different comes out in the teen publishing world? Something that may grab the attention of some insatiable reader or perhaps even a reluctant reader?

Hot on the heels of a furniture store’s innovative ad campaign promoting the power of the book, comes a book packaged as a catalogue! The similarities are undeniable. It started for me as a search for something new to offer my students for the Halloween season. It may prove to be a mix of horror and fun.

Grady Hendrix has created a traditional haunted house story offered in a contemporary wrapping. Horrorstör : a novel may not be for everyone, but it certainly grabs your attention.

Submitted by Caroll-Ann from PCHS